Finland cancel Masters World Championships 2022 July 22-23

Finland cancel Masters World Championships following UIPM difficulties

Hämeenlinna is planning replacement competition

Hämeenlinna Pentahlon Club (HML5) is planning an international pentathlon competition to be hold at the Aulanko and Ahvenisto venues on July 22-23. Pentathlon Masters World Championships had to be abandoned when Finnish Fencing and Pentathlon Federation (FFPF) found it impossible to hold competitions due to the tightening international situation.

Planned competition is meant to commemorate the 1952 Olympic pentathlon competition in Hämeenlinna. The event is intended for masters pentathlons from different countries. In addition, it is possible to organize a competition for juniors as well. Competitions for young series are also planned. Juniors aged 9 to 19 in their own age series would be eligible. The youngest would compete in a triathlon where the disciplines are swimming and laser run. In addition, the youngsters of the U 19 series would also compete in fencing. Riding would be discipline only for the masters.

The final decision on the organization of the summer pentathlon cup will be made once the necessary financial and administrative resources have been identified. These matters will be clarified as soon as possible so that invitations to the race can be sent after Easter.